Sunday, May 22, 2005

Daughter of Leia and Jabba

Daughter of Leia and Jabba

Daughter of Leia and Jabba (2000)

I admit that this image springs from a fanciful liaison not generally found in Star Wars folklore. Princess Leia was Jabba the Hutt's "slave," but, apparently, there was no hanky panky during her captivity. Or was there? After all, Leia did kiss her brother, Luke. And, ultimately, she strangled Jabba with an emotional passion usually reserved for the heroine of revenge-driven kung fu films. Think Kill Bill -- in which The Bride endured violations that pushed her vengeance envelope. Plus, while in Jabba's clutches, Leia wears a metal bikini that has become iconic for nerdy fan boys...

Leia Goes Metal

"I'm Nobody's Boy Toy"

From the Worst of the Web comments page:

Yeah, Leia looked nice in that scene -- but that! I love gigantic blubbering phallic symbols in my movies....
Princess Leia Organa was always a woman of action. You couldn't count on her to just sit still while the men did all the work. It wasn't in her plan to be wearing that metal bikini but we boys sure did appreciate it.

British movie mag Empire has just published the results of a "sexiest movie character ever" poll. Princess Leia was the highest polled female character, but interestingly it was specifically in her Return of the Jedi slave girl persona!

They also singled out Leia choking Jabba with her chain as a "Horny Highlight."

And from a song parodies site called Am I Right comes "Jabba the Hut" -- a take-off on "Doin' the Butt" from Spike Lee's School Daze:

Walked on the sail barge surprised to see
A green girl gettin? busy, just rockin? to the jammin beat
She was shakin' her booty, then she started chokin' me
So I hit the trap door that was hidden in the floor
Gave my Rancor a treat
'Cause I'm

Jabba the Hutt. Hey, nasty nasty
No I'm not prankster, I'm a very dangerous gangster, I'm
Jabba the Hutt. Big and ugly
My dancer's gone
So I put Princess a thong! (woohoo)

The image tries to incorporate the colors from the interiors of Jabba's palace and sail barge. Moreover, note that the daughter has Jabba's physique (if that's the right word) but Leia's cinnamon buns hairstyle.

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