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Chromer (2003)

From Cyberpunk Slang:

Chromer -- 21st century heavy metal rock fan.
Chromer: Slang for metalheads, heavy metal fans.
Chromer: 1) Metalheads, heavy metal fans. 2) A member of a gang dedicated to hard (chromatic) rock music (usually a specific band) and mindless violence. The original "party animals."
Chromer: A person whom has been heavily enhanced with cybernetics.
Chromer: Angling term for a bright fresh fish.

A chromer is also someone who reconstructs or refinishes chrome plating for motorcycles, as in:

My chromer said it will take four to six weeks to chrome the rims so time is important...

The chromer we use will weight the motorcycle parts when he dips them to counteract the air trapped inside plugged parts...

[I] had other parts chromed on my old ride by a local chromer who could not spell motorcycle...

A search on Google images for chromer turned up lots of fisherman holding fish, some tricked out bikes, a few athletic shoes...and this guy

Nice hoop.  Let's dock.

I'm no squid. My board's my bike, fleshie. Slot this, chummer.

who serves as an icon for a member of the Harley Davidson Riders Club of Great Britain.

Tomorrow, another cyberpunk decides to grab gee and shortwire here at the blog.

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