Friday, August 19, 2005

Baby Monster

Baby Monster

Baby Monster (2004)

From Wikipedia:

In mathematics, the Baby Monster group B (or just Baby Monster) is a group of order

241 · 313 · 56 · 72 · 11 · 13 · 17 · 19 · 23 · 31 · 47
= 4154781481226426191177580544000000
˜ 4 · 1033.

The Baby Monster group is one of the sporadic groups, and has the second-highest order of these, with the highest order being that of the Monster group. The double cover of the Baby Monster is in fact a subgroup of the Monster group.

The smallest faithful matrix representation of the Baby Monster is of size 4370 over the finite field of order 2.
Generalized Moonshine for the Baby Monster
Gerald Hoehn
Albert-Ludwigs-Universitt Freiburg

I will explain Nortons generalized Moonshine conjecture and present a proof for the case related to the Baby Monster. The main steps are the construction of the Baby Monster Lie algebra with the help of a vertex algebra and the use of the no-ghost theorem from string theory to identify the denominator identity of the constructed Lie algebra. As an application, the Thompson series of the shorter Moonshine module are determined and it is shown that the even vertex operator subalgebra is of class S^7 in the sense of Matsuo.

Denominate This!!!

Check my diaper if you want proof of something...
[Image from Edgewater and Leonia Monster Exchange]

From -- "Baby Monster"

baby bib cry crying fantasy goblin green infant monster ogre pony ponytail rattle sad tail toddler tot wart warts
I asked Mark Gould about the audience for Pink Baby Monster. He said, "It's a problem for record companies. The companies ask: 'Well, who's gonna buy this? Who is this for?' Maybe the lyrics are a bit more sophisticated than usual teenage lyrics and maybe the music is too experimental. Right now, it’s in a stage of development and Juilliard's a very good place to do such things."

From Chester Goudal (Punisher Foe):

(Punisher: P.O.V.#4) -- On the trail of the baby monster, Chester heard screams, the sounds of police being killed by the monster after tracking it. Following the sounds, he was grabbed by the monster, but freed himself with an acid/holy water bomb. He continued to pursue the monster and found that it had been pacified by the Punisher, who had appealed to the infant inside of it. Chester then blew a hole in the baby monster with a shotgun blast full of dimes. The Punisher tried to fight him off, but as he was on the peak of exhaustion and severely injured after multiple battles with Deke, Chester got the better of him. The baby monster grabbed Chester again, but this time he mortally wounded it with his axe. When the Punisher nearly flattened Chester with a punch, he decided that this monster was too tough for him, and so he cut his losses and fled. He escaped up into the subways and was nearly home free when several monsters grabbed him and threw him back on the subway tracks, where he was run over by a train.

Synopsis of Monster from a Prehistoric Planet -- seen in the online catalog at Ventura Distribution:

A group of scientists and reporters are sent to Obelisk Island, a small island in the South Sea, in search of an exotic animal. They discover a baby monster, which has never been seen. Against the protest of the natives, the researchers take the baby monster back to Japan, not realizing the path of destruction that soon awaits them.

So...what have we learned from today's post? If you have a baby monster that is keeping you up nights, try these home remedies:

* double cover it to the smallest faithful matrix
* generalize its moonshine
* tie its bib in a ponytail to rattle off a sad tail of warts
* forego the usual teenage lyrics
* blow a hole in it
* mortally wound it with an axe
* cut your losses and flee
* take it back to Japan (destruction of Tokyo optional)

Dr. Spock -- eat your heart out --


Anonymous said...

Baby Monster (2004)

For my birthday, I asked
To be whipped like a Hog,

But you spanked me so badly,
I lost my truck driver job,

And both buttocks must be
Elevated in Bald Knob,

Making me feel puny
And green as a frog,

Unemployed and bored
Logging onto this Blog.

cruelanimal said...

Unemployed and bored
Logging onto this Blog.

I can't imagine a more cruel fate. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most visually stunning and beautiful fractals I have ever seen. I love it!

cruelanimal said...

To Anon:

I appreciate hearing that. Thanks for writing.

old hack said...

great colors in that baby monster

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