Friday, September 09, 2005



Homeless (2000)

I'm sure many of the blog's readers are familiar with the work of Mark Fiore -- a political cartoonist who uses animation to comment on current events.

A recent cartoon on the Katrina disaster is among his very best work -- conceptually brilliant and emotionally powerful.

I urge you to see it.

I just watched it.

And I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach.


xristim said...

Thank you for calling this to my attention...I've e-mailed the link to my "activist" group of friends. The ending audio is truly wrenching. I am still hovering between tears and rage.

I deline to sully the title of President by using it on Mr. Bush. And to call his Administration that is ridiculous, now that they've shown an inability to administer anything. Accordingly, I've re-christened the lot of them:

Chief of the Counterfeit Compassionate Conservative And Oh Yeah By The Way Conspicuously Caucasian Caucus and his Dither of Dolts (by analogy with pride of lions, swarm of bees, murder of crows, etc.).

Pointless, I'll grant you. But I feel better.

cruelanimal said...

After reading your re-christening, I feel better, too. Thanks.

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