Friday, September 23, 2005

In Her Party Hat

In Her Party Hat

In Her Party Hat (2004)

Today is my daughter's 18th birthday. Last night, she informed me she's now an adult and that "I can buy cigarettes and go to a strip club" before adding the clarifying "not that I'd want to do either."

Today's image was made thinking back upon memories of an earlier, younger birthday. But I didn't need her reminder that she's no longer the girl in the image. I've watched her grow up. I can see she's not a child anymore. And if I momentarily forget that fact, I'm sure she'll quickly set me straight.

But, even if you can now partake of voting and other vices, you're never too old to don a pointy party hat, light those trick candles, and make a serious wish.

And my one wish today? Have a very happy birthday, baby.


Anonymous said...

Thinkin bout a new do
Streaking orange with gold
Or silicone implants to
Make me that big and bold

Now don't get mad!
Just testing, Dad!

Heard there's a terrific job
At the local twist and grind
Pickin up males from the mob
And crank to blow my mind

Now don't get mad!
Just testing, Dad!

Actually I goin to a Camp
With all the Christian dweebs
Where preachers turn me damp
To don some yuppie tweeds

Now don't get mad!
Just testing, Dad!

Leah said...

dad...i love you! your the greatest...your so talented

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