Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Check Out the Big Brain on Brad"

Check Out the Big Brain on Brad

"Check Out the Big Brain on Brad" (2001)

Today is one of those days when real life intrudes from dusk to dawn. In the only twenty minute window available, I thought I'd at least put up some kind of shrunken, pitiful post. I don't have time to include any witty banter or clever patter. Sorry. Besides, there's not much to say about today's image -- other than the title is taken from a line in Pulp Fiction and --

Do you know what they call a blog in France?

Oh. I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration?

-- and, um, yeah. Yeah, Jules. You pretty much did.


Anonymous said...

Big Brad Questions The Existence of God

How many teeth does a pussy have?
"Ask Hurricane Katrina."

Where did all the bush go in my porn?
"He was elected President."

Are those dredlocks or is your brain sprouting hemp?
"Smoke it some, baby, and you'll know!"

Is that s clitoris I see before me?
"No, it's only the onset of glaucoma."

Where have you been all my life?
"Behind your ass, with a pitchfork."

catnapping said...

catnapping said...

that is NOT what I said.

I said this isa fucking excellent piece. I love the style, and your beautiful use ofcolour.

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