Friday, October 28, 2005

Cold Spot

Cold Spot

Cold Spot (1999)

Say. Do you feel a draft?

From Eeeek-Net -- a report of visiting central California's Brookdale Lodge:

One specific area in the dining room felt freezing cold. This cold spot was only about four feet by four feet. As soon as you moved from that spot the temperature felt normal again. Go back to that spot and it was freezing cold again. We checked for air conditioning vents, but there were none. We looked for open windows, there were none. There was no explanation for this cold spot. But each time we returned to this spot we could feel the difference in temperature as well as the electro-magnetic change in the atmosphere. (In short, making our hair stand on end.)

I know that freezing feeling. I get the cold spot shakes whenever Bush's face flashes across a television screen. Or when I hear Gilbert Gottfried's voice. Or when I read that David Lynch wants me to meditate. Or I learn that Madonna has child-rearing advice to impart. Or when I pick up some yahoo on the radio referring to Bill O'Reilly as "a journalist." Brrrrrr.

Uh-oh. I shouldn't have used that last one. From another account at Eeeek-Net:

When I first looked at the house I felt nothing specific, but did feel a cold spot in one of the bedrooms, but dismissed it. After moving into the house I soon found out the room with the cold spot had a little more than a cold spot. I selected that room for my bedroom. One night I lay in bed reading, no television on, no radio on, no noise at all. From the corner of the room where I felt the cold spot, there was a sudden sound of a radio playing. I listened carefully to see if I could hear what the radio was playing, trying to determine if it was something I was hearing from some other location. But what I was hearing was nothing from modern day. Instead it was Franklin D. Roosevelt giving a fireside chat. Reporting on the war effort in Europe.

That corner of the room, no matter what I did, never was warm. It was always freezing cold.

Well, better FDR than The Falafel Factor, I suppose. And a cold spot beats a No Spin Zone. Still...

There's the problem.  The Circle of Friends isn't lit...

Oh My God. The Fox News Bullshit Detector is off the scale...

...I have goose bumps and can see my breath. Wait. Look!!! There!!! There -- in the piano picture!!! It's...It's...

It's Ann Coulter in a gossamer mini-skirt!!! Flee!!! In the name of all that's reasonable and logical -- flee!!! Flee -- while you still ca........!!!


Blogs and Sites I've enjoyed this week --

Fractal Art:
Spend some quality down time at Susan Gardner's web site. Well composed, evocative images arranged by themes. Careful, studied composition and subtle use of line. She's the best fractal minimalist around.

Political Blog:
Check out Neil Shakespeare -- the bard of blogs. He's a wondeful writer -- hilarious and insightful. Plus, he's a very gifted artist. His intricate digital collages are an ongoing must-see.

Cultural Blog:
No Halloween is complete without trick or treating at Dark, But Shining -- an extremely well written blog on all things horror (and fantasy/sci fi). They're about to finish up their "All Hallow's Month" October-long series. It's beats the hell out of a linty popcorn ball. Trust me.

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