Sunday, October 02, 2005

Humpty Dumpty Task Force

Humpty Dumpty Task Force

Humpty Dumpty Task Force (2005)

I put up new work every Sunday, so here's an updated fairy tale. All the king's horses and men have been replaced with platoons of spin doctors and robo-pundits armed with marching orders and talking points. First, deny that anything is/was/will ever be broken. Second, make sure the glue is purchased with a no-bid contract. The result:

If it ain't ever broke, don't never fix it...

Ashes, Ashes -- We all fall down...
[Cartoon by Mike Luckovich]

And all the Rovian blame gaming -- and all the fireman props and staged photo ops -- couldn't put that 9/11 bullhorn back in Humpty Chimpy's hands again...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would go away
if only I could find
a place to go to,

but here I am
left all alone
once again.

I should be familiar
with the process
by now, but it's always

a surprise, so unexpected
and sudden, when her
word is no longer reliable

and her lips are someone
else's now that she
can drop out and start all over.

This time at least
I can read a book, watch
a movie, or write these worthless

lines because they alone
provide consolation,
indifference, and silence.

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