Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Some Kind of Hell

Some Kind of Hell

Some Kind of Hell (2000)

Trying to squeeze in some kind of post today...

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, so it's no surprise that a fair number of images I've made are concerned with horror. I thought I'd share some on the blog as the holiday draws near.

I've always loved horror movies, and I wasted much of my misspent youth at the drive-in drinking up the lush colors and heaving bosoms of Hammer films and the more explicit gore and sex layered into Paul Naschy's movies. The sensibilities of this genre occasionally rise from the dead and lurch through my work.

Here's some hit phrases that jumped out from behind a Google search on the title of today's post -- proving Sartre wrong. Hell isn't other people -- it's other people's phrase chains from searches:

"And there's got to be some kind of hell for you. Leaning over the piranha pool."

"So I'm talking about religions that would send generous and moral Christians to some kind of hell, simply because they had the wrong belief system."

"Two minutes of this on Saturday Night Live is bad enough. An hour-and-a-half movie is some kind of hell."

"We felt like we were in some kind of hell! After much talk and arm waving, the cab driver turned to us and said 'We're leaving.'"

"That is the reason why some kind of hell is a moral necessity in a just universe. The only alternative is for God to make us machines."

"I literally thought I was in some kind of hell because everyone was totally blocked out except the friend I smoked weed with and he was smiling the whole time."

"Wandering the streets of a hellish version of Hollywood, Packard (who apparently has died and gone to some kind of hell) becomes mired in bizarre parodies."

"Some kind of Hell pit. There's a portal leads to it in the middle of the Highlands."
"Oh, that pit."

"I spent a long time watching cars going below me thinking I was in some kind of hell."

"He didn't show up for a casual run-through, they decided to track him down, arriving unannounced at some kind of Hell's Angels den in East Oakland."

"It's not like the DDR was some kind of hell. Many people are desperately trying to get from Morocco to Spain."

"Looks like Lohan is already in some kind of hell. Isn't she 23 or so? Why does she look 45? Has Satan reneged on his deal?"

"(Probably some kind of "Hell's Angels" practical joke...those little pranksters! Love the leather...uh...everything!)"

"Willow had convinced herself that Buffy was suffering horribly in some kind of hell dimension, and that bringing her back to life was a good thing to do."

"Everyone in his own way had gone through some kind of hell and lived through it. 'Ah, psychedelic splendor,' Gina intoned, with a sweep of her hand."

"Is it some kind of hell on earth like some overly spoiled college grads who just left a job at an English conversation school often portray it?"

"So every time the family goes out we get stuck at some kind of hell like Olive Garden, Applebees, or the dreaded Outback."

"I felt as if I had been shot back to some kind of hell, disconnected from the light. My dad's nostrils flared with the smoky haze of his cigarette."

"We woke late the next day, to some kind of hell. The heat and humidity were through the roof, and we were torpid in our Speedos and Jockey briefs."

"And just the very notion that living the Aboriginal Tribal way was some kind of Hell shows how blinkered these fools were."

"Those who sat upstairs -- waaay in the back -- may have felt like they were burning in some kind of hell."

"He's there to help the Nazis transport the gods of chaos to Earth via some kind of 'hell-hole generator.' A battle ensues."

See? Now that's some scary shit. Forget the tired tropes of skeletal hands emerging from coffins or killers behind shower curtains. The dark corners of the Net are far more horrific.

The only thing worse? Channel surfing and suddenly landing on the televised visage of George Bush.

Aaaarrrggghhh!!!. Make it stop!!! Please!!! It's...It's...

Some. Kind. Of. Hell...


Anonymous said...

Such a tease

All knotted up by
String theory

Dr. Mike

Anonymous said...

you'd think hell would be hotter,
but in reality,
hell is simply what you make it

Jack Kerouac-job

cruelanimal said...

Thanks to you both for sharing your poems.

I continue to enjoy them very much.

enigma4ever said...

Another great piece-I don't have a poetic bone in my body...but I love your digital art, stop by
http://watergatesummer.blogspot.com/, anytime..I think you have ....but anyways stop by again... You site helps keep me sane...thought this bushwhacked era

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