Monday, November 28, 2005

Ripley Enters the Nursery Again

Ripley Enters the Nursery Again

Ripley Enters the Nursery Again (2002)

And, well, while we're on the subject, I thought it might be interesting to compare this follow-up to the previous post.

The last post was a fairly untouched fractal made with Tiera-Zon. This later image was generated in Fractal Zplot, imported into XenoDream, and then graphically thrashed within an inch of its pixels in Photoshop.

A self-similar study in contrasts?


Neil Shakespeare said...

LOL! Love both of these Ripley posts. Looks like the nursery has turned a bit bleaker over the last few years.

Anonymous said...


The cracks in memory
Splinter into spider webs

The roof is no longer there
But we are all still alive

Children wander dazed
Foraging for stuffed animals

Whatever words they chalked
Up have been erased

We haul neighbors out
Wheelchairs and walkers

Candidates for the next
Election pose in front of the debris

Off-screen, someone clacks the shot
Number for the documentary

Dr. Mike

Blogenfreude said...

Love it ... sort of Deco-Gotham ...

Polycarpo said...

Hi. I must tell You my first impression on seeing the two Ripley's Entrances (or should I say 'en trance' in The Nursery - in fact Enterings...: Lysergic worlds like grey grass forests for empty animals and then an unsuspected carnival courtship in a microscopic world within a distant rainbow... Great! Cheers!

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