Friday, January 13, 2006



Aloof (2000)

Yes, seekers of culture, it's time again for that stewpot of verbal vermin and kitchen sink of painful prosody I like to call: Freeper Poetry.

Tonight: Special Samuel Alito Edition.

Now that Alito has been grilled to his wife's tears by bullying Dems who have the unmitigated defeatist gall to be curious as to what the Federalist Society wingnut man actually thinks and believes before allowing him to sit on the High Court for thirty plus years in order to legislate progressive thought back to a Cro-Mag civilization while helping the BushCo crime family continue their reign of terrorism into a bleak future of conservative turned corners...

And now that the mainstream media has gobbled up the talking points that Alito has, in Orrin Hatch's words, as seen on, been

"straightforward here, you've honestly answered the questions...I don't think you've been fairly treated."

And now that I caught a local TV snippet of my own senator, Mark Pryor, a Democrat (supposedly) and one of the filibuster-preservative Gang of Fourteen gush that golly he saw no reason why Alito should not be confirmed (he felt the same warm fuzzies for Roberts) even if like who's noticing that Pryor's up for re-election in a red state that gave BushCo 53% of the vote last year...

And since I thought Say Anything Sammy said a lot of nothing, perhaps selecting some of his direct answers from the hearings, pasting them into a virtual cut-up machine, setting all controls on random, splicing and dicing his remarks, and then re-assembling them into Freeper Poetry will reveal more cogently and directly what he actually said.

All of Alito's answers are taken from transcripts at Democracy Now. Ready? Let's cut up some bullshit.



I think nothing. I held
a high-ranking claim to be a minor
mind. I was fortunate

to have immunity
from all civil memory. An adult woman
got it, fell under

my position. That certainly
filled racks and united a provision, no?
That O'Connor criminal

had no immunity. I provide
no framework for legal impeachment
for the current liability

president. I arise like
a fortunate member or no way analogy.
I stare. I'm barely aware.

I really have no specific recollection of that organization...

Today's Muse

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Friday Night Shuffle:

Here's what I've been listening to lately:

1. "Waiting for the Occupation" -- R.E.M.
2. "Marquee Moon" -- Television
3. "Dub Housing" -- Pere Ubu
4. "Cowboy Dan" -- Modest Mouse
5. "Forget the Swan" -- Dinosaur Jr.
6. "Under the Surface" -- Bettie Serveert
7. "Cobalt Blue" -- Brute
8. "The Man Whose Head Expanded" -- The Fall
9. "My City Was Gone" -- The Pretenders
10. "The Fan" -- Little Feat


Tonight's Pop Quiz:

There is one fool in the picture below. Can you find him?

Would I be funnier if I rolled up my sleeves?

Take my legacy...please...


Neil Shakespeare said...

Like this one. Very nice. Something O'Keefe-esque about it. Very vaginal!

Blogenfreude said...

Re: your fool question ...

"Awright, you can keep the jester, or have what Alberto's bringing down the aisle in the box!"

enigma4ever said...

so glad that you are back...and thanks- you finally got me to atleast have a laugh about alito...and his"Bride"...( my son thought they were brother and sister..ughhh..puke)....great picture and yes neil is right...Georgia would be proud...

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