Monday, April 10, 2006

The Last Song Elvis Heard

The Last Song Elvis Heard

The Last Song Elvis Heard (2006)

The image is one thing and the human being is's very hard to live up to an image.
Elvis Presley, at a press conference before a performance in Madison Square Garden, 1972

Here's another new one in this week's hot off the motherboard series.

I'm guessing some Elvis fans will find today's image to be an abomination impersonation and leave the blog building.


As if we'll ever really know. Some snips of Google hit fragments from a search of elvis last song:

From ElvisInfoNet:

Finally, the last song Elvis ever recorded, "He'll Have To Go" -- similar to the final version that was an overdub -- this is sad, emotional listening...


["Bridge Over Trouibled Water"] was the last song Elvis Presley ever performed live. The cymbal crashes at the end of the song were rumoured to mimic the initial rush...

From ShopElvisAustralia:

"Fire Down Below" was the last song Elvis Presley worked on in a studio situation. He never completed the vocal.

From ElvisInfoNet:

The last song Elvis ever recorded in a studio would be the poignant "Pieces of My Life". After the session...

Wait, ElvisInfoNet. Didn't you just say above that...? Never mind. Must have been a sighting on toast or a potato chip or something.

From Elvisly Yours:

The song "Unchained Melody" was the very last song Elvis performed publicly before he died...

From the Miami New Times:

It's rumored the last song Elvis ever sang was the Fred Rose country ballad "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain..."

Well, whatever it was, there's still time to own it. From KittyText

At eBay you can buy the rights to the last song Elvis Presley wrote and recorded before he went to heaven. Last I checked it was going for $19,100...

You might want to approach that eBay purchase with a suspicious mind.


a rose is a rose said...

i personally heard it was

'feelings............nothing more than feelings'

or was it

'it's a small world after all....'

Neil Shakespeare said...

I think it was 'My Blue Suede Shoes Has Been Puked On (By Me)'...

cruelanimal said...

Hmmm. I detect a hunka hunka burning sarcasm in both of your comments.

Anonymous said...

The Last Song Elvis Heard (2006)

Biddies flounce their grey and white
Plumes of hair in the Vegas lounge
Hip replacement is so expensive

Splitting & snarling & rising on the charts
Punks punch out front lobby glass doors
Hip replacement is so expensive

Momma oh momma where now is that
Cunt that gave birth to us all
Hip replacement is so expensive

When is it time for Jesus when is it time
For gospel or for redneck fiddle or for banjos
Hip replacement is so expensive

Liberace gave me a secret message
Before he died from fucking his chauffeur
Hip replacement is so expensive

cruelanimal said...

AnonPoet: This one has more sneer than Elvis' curled lip. A poem with brass knuckles...

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