Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rex Gets the Joke

Rex Gets the Joke

Rex Gets the Joke (2004)

at least the energetic punch
line. His jaws wrapped
around a human thigh he sighs
at the sight of Noah.

He will end up compost
or as inept fuel for lumbering
Hummers or as Bible
School intelligent design poster

boy. All his terrible wind-up
teeth will not daunt or makeover
a fundamentalist future d├ęcor.
He’s a dry growl-less laugh.


Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

Cool digital art. Great text.

Anonymous said...

Doctor Who said, "You do not need guilt to live. You need guilt in order not to kill."

cruelanimal said...


Thanks for stopping by. Your visit means a lot to me. Readers should follow your link back to check out your great multiple art/photography blogs.



The Doctor, in Terror of the Zygons, also said: "It takes all sorts to make a galaxy."

thelily said...

That is simply gorgeous.


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