Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dreams of Minor Surgery

Dreams of Minor Surgery

Dreams of Minor Surgery (2000)

Recovering from same. Blogging will probably be image-heavy and minimalistic until the body begins to heal and the brain starts to clear.

On the bright side, this will give me a chance to post some different images -- like those I have no idea how to explain or annotate.


Anonymous said...

Whose feet are these? Colder
Than a snow rose, they shudder

Poking out from the sheet, miles
Away, stork stalks rooting for smiles

Among nurses who hover and pinch
Incandescent above the gurney's winch.

If only you could reach the toes,
But where they floated off, no one knows,

And now one side, and now upon the other,
The body, objectified, slumps -- a bother --

Till slowly feeling seeps back, and with it pain
Returns you to a human once again.

Dr. Mike

cruelanimal said...

Nice imagery -- especially your observations on the objectified body. Odd how even one's organs "sleep" under anesthesia and then slowly reawaken. And, yes, the return of pain is the perpetual reminder that one is human.

Hasn't it always been so?

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