Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nostradamus Never Saw It Coming

Nostradamus Never Saw It Coming

Nostradamus Never Saw It Coming (2003)

Some people still feel
Middle Eastern icons lack a
medicinal clarity. A limp-wristed
Satan said comets would depressingly
emerge. All his Black Death quatrains
and spiritualists in New York City
forecast diehard delusional films must
rule but the summer box office seldom saw
such horror as a culture of recording swine
clears the context out of digital politics.
He never noticed when bloggers opened
the coffin of the Senate. That stink hung around
his neck like a bell or a rat grown fat
on leaked fractions. TV talkers blink, squint,
spin by scanning canonized texts
and we download the City of God faster than
prayer. The King of Terror ceases
to honor the groans of his fans. They faint
like nervous brides, shocked, awed, as he stays
the course of fear they repeatedly cheered
confusing roadside bombs for crystal balls
and I predict more lies, more wars
for years but not for miscast ears.

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