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Dethroned (2000)

Under the chief executive who now purports to be in charge, America has bolted from the path cleared by the Founders, promisculously violating every tenet of the "creed" that finally guided Thomas Jefferson and his associates.
--Mark Crispin Miller, Cruel and Unusual (10).

From today's Salon:

A Senate Republican on Tuesday directly challenged President Bush's declaration that "I am the decision-maker" on issues of war.

"I would suggest respectfully to the president that he is not the sole decider," Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said during a hearing on Congress' war powers amid an increasingly harsh debate over Iraq war policy. "The decider is a shared and joint responsibility," Specter said.


"Read the Constitution," [Senator Barbara] Boxer told her colleagues last week. "The Congress has the power to declare war. And on multiple occasions, we used our power to end conflicts."

Congress used its war powers to cut off or put conditions on funding for the Vietnam war and conflicts in Cambodia, Somalia and Bosnia.

Under the Constitution, lawmakers have the ability to declare war and fund military operations, while the president has control of military forces.

Long live suck the king...


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