Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern (2004)

From China Highlights:

China's paper lanterns are more than just decorations. Since 250 B.C. they have silently spoken of births, deaths, social status and approaching danger. For instance, special red lanterns are used for weddings and white lanterns for funerals. Children in China also make lanterns at school and hang riddles on them. Today they have their place as honored guests at ceremonies and festivals.


The placement and color of lanterns serve as a vital communication link in these tremendously communal residential areas. Since red connotes vitality and energy at its maximal state, a red lantern placed outside a doorway tells of a birth or marriage. A blue lantern, representing declining energy or sickness, indicates there is illness in the household. And white signifies energy eliminated or death, so a white sash draped across the top of the doorway, flanked by two white lanterns announces that the family is in mourning.

Still feeling quesy. Perhaps my lantern needs a little touch-up...

Make Mine Blue...

Makes a good bathroom night light, too...


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Anonymous said...


Her word for love, a stinging liqueur
Droplet on the tongue, curled up as spit
And flung toward the eye, burns
Like lightning bugs in a glass jar
Strung overhead for Chinese New Years
To light black stones on the darkest path.

This porcupine flinches when caressed
And spews quills at whoever approaches,
Savaging friend and foe equally
To belittle or demean those who
Command her to stand at attention
And salute whom she most disrespects.

One word, weapon to wrap the wound,
Streaks lip gloss across the weakening gap,
As if that could solder flesh into a titanium
Carapace of certainty against cynicism,
For in a world of predatory insects,
Nothing shows weakness like doubt.

[Disposable Poem March 3, 2007]

cruelanimal said...

Very beautiful...

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