Friday, March 16, 2007

Dante's Golf Game

Dante's Golf Game

Dante's Golf Game (2004)

Poor players must be purged.
Nero's the dude with a new spin
on Cerberus. Best to disrupt weddings
and sweat in glaring desert sun.

A southern man laments his evil twin
implementing PGA hell. Focus on physical
checkpoints and swing away or be
banished to the Second Hades Sand Trap.

The devil's on the links wrecking
what typically sucks. He's a theorist
of nine bad shots and the market value
of Satan's putts. Rusting bridges

and action-heavy airports where
demon slayers tee up suffer Sunday
inferno mode. Dante rests by the shrine
of Nintendo. Mario boogies, dies.

Detail of: Dant's Golf Game

Lower right corner detail of Dante's Golf Game


Image rendered in Sterling-ware then clubbed and driven in Photoshop. Poem collaged together from phrase strings found in Google water hazards snorkeled using "dante's golf game."


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