Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tulip Wannabes

Tulip Wannabes

Tulip Wannabes (2004)

Profit makes spring so generic.
Please pick one meat and saddle her
with festivals. A group of Goths
start threads and confess love

for bulbs. A wannabe Texan
ponders quizzes as country girls
feed him little credit. He sulks around
like Robert De Niro. Punksters

and hitwomen carve up Holland
with a drop on the tongue but profiteers
mob the White House -- hacking,
crazy. Slap him with wooden shoes.

Detail of: Tulip Wannabes

Upper left corner detail of Tulip Wannabes


Image sprouted in Fractal Zplot and genetically modified in Photoshop et. al. Found poem cultivated and fertilized from phrase strings cut and vased from a Google search of "tulip wannabes."


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