Thursday, March 25, 2010

Enemy Combatants 5

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Dr. Mike said...

Know-Nothing Black Shirts

Getting even quick
With those out of line,
Through vandalism --
Cutting a gas line,
Throwing a brick,
Words invite guns.

Got my billy-club,
Got a real sharp knife,
Gonna go hunting,
Scalping the life
Out of who put us here.

Everybody’s got guns,
Drinking coffee at Starbucks,
Watching fair and balanced
Overhead the coffee cups,
Repeating what they repeat,
“Broken trust sickens.”

Map minds got targets
On the map of the nation,
Like heat seeking missiles
To find and take out.
Nobody plays fair. We know
Where your children are.

Almost time to rise up
And bring on the Apocalypse.
Let’s see who shows up
Capitalist or Socialist corpse.
Whichever side God’s on,
He’ll be sure to know.

[Disposable Poem March 25, 2010]
Dr. Mike

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