Friday, July 02, 2010



Reentry (2010)

Atmospheric reintegration
they say. You are human-made
and come with consequences. A small
local region within the heart,

between atria and ventricles,
assists adults. Try California after
prison. So much more space
and fervent video of previous abuse.


Image initially made with QuaSZ. Post-processed until it burned up when returning. Text is a Google poem collaged from search strings of reentry.


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Dr. Mike said...


They began chanting with both feet,
Wandering lands, marking by song
Where they had been. That became theirs
Wherever they could not stay,
Because nobody owned the earth
Until buried beneath it. Maps
Never were fixed whose signs changed
Even when feet stayed the same.
They knew each other by different names
And traded things for other things,
Until they decided to gather
And make a book that recorded
Their songs -- such was this news
For certainty, forcing malleable
Ink stains to solidify, strokes
Holding nature to immutability.
Then they closed the book. They said,
“Nothing more may now be added;
There is already enough that we do not
Understand.” So began footnotes, parsing
Whose place in a sentence could alter
Monks becoming scribes becoming scholars,
Folding into leaves of the sacred
Their lives and interpretations of life.
The book that was in one tongue
Was transformed into another
And sounds once again were freed
To mean whatever was needed.
By now each had lost the knack
Of remembering without a book,
So when the book in their hands
Burned in the desert, they were lost.

[Disposable Poem June 28, 2010]
Dr. Mike

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