Friday, July 30, 2010



Unreadable (2010)

Image intially made with QuaSZ. Post-processed until it became clear that no straight answers were forthcoming.

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Dr. Mike said...

City Noir

“Money isn’t dirty, just people.” – Kim Novak. “The Pushover”

What if you could not tell where safety lies
Down Cincinnati streets after a rain,
Its stinking pigs, a madness in disguise,
As darkness pools into a satin stain.

What if your trust were suddenly betrayed,
By women, work, and God gone down the drain,
No roof over your head, a live grenade
Now scrounging for a meal from the insane.

What if the comfort that you always thought
Would ease your final days was false, and good
A bill of sales that proved how you were bought
And sold before you even knew you would

Be tossed into a common grave along
Those streets where you no longer belong.

[Disposable Sonnet August 3, 2010]
Dr. Mike

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