Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Behind the Burlesque

Behind the Burlesque

Behind the Burlesque (2011)

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The difference between burlesque and the newspapers is that the former never pretended to be performing a public service by exposure.
--I. F. Stone


Image initially made with Quasz. Post-processed until it had taken most of it all off.

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Dr. Mike said...

"They see us as servants. As people they can keep at the bottom. Not as people who want a better future for ourselves and for our children." Across Alabama this week, poultry and meat processing plants, including the giant Tyson, have been closed or put on limited production schedules because of an unofficial walkout by Hispanic workers. In the north of the state, the pungent smell of rotting tomatoes hangs in the air across huge tranches of land that has been virtually abandoned by workers who, through fear or anger, are no longer turning up to gather the harvest.. – Manchester Guardian

Police State

Everybody keep quiet. Let those shadows
Authorities cast make no one disappear.
Don’t hold it against cops personally.
We all got jobs to do that we don’t like.

Now it’s too easy to get rid of whoever
Makes better money than you. to clear
A space in the meat market and rise
To join an elite force with health insurance.

They say you need a birth certificate
To be part of this country, the rich part,
The part that can get through a metal detector
Fully armed with automatic weapons.

Whoever works in poultry needs proof,
Whoever works in factory assembly lines,
Whoever flips burgers or cleans kitchens,
Whoever does the laundry needs proof.

They have to prove those are their children
Before taking care of yours. For the privilege
Of living on freedom, they have to prove
They can take care of themselves.

Just like the rest of us, most have to compromise
Principles to get anything done, to get the state
To make special deals for building a plant there,
And guarantee loans don’t have to be paid back.

There are exceptions to every rule and they live
At the top, offshore, out of the country, on their own
Private island in the South Seas, feeding off
Networks from their satellites in space.

It’s true what is said about the road to hell.
It’s paved with gold fillings from the genocide.
And it’s not as long a road as you might think,
Almost nobody there speaks English.

[Disposable Poem October 14, 20001]
Dr, Mike

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