Sunday, September 09, 2012

Equestrian Death Match Remix

Equestrian Death Match Remix

Equestrian Death Match Remix (2012)


Another testament from this summer's remix frenzy.

The black, striatic lines really leapt out in the remix. Depth became more defined. Still, the most radically altered feature was the lighting. It irrupted.

This one goes out for Ann Romney's horse:

Yes, regrettably, you must fight to the death. 

Now, Ralfalca. Remember your Battle Royale training.

I remember, twelve years ago, when I first studied this image, the forms reminded me of tracks, and the title was remiscent of an xtreme posse.


Originally rendered in Fractal Vizion in 2000. Remixed until the polo sticks were slick with gore.

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Dr. Mike said...

Horse and Rider

Large and gullible,
The thoroughbred whinnies for
Love, and tolerates
Ninnies who climb on his back,
Toot horns and wave flags.

[Disposable Tanka September 14, 2012]
Dr. Mike

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