Saturday, February 02, 2013

Pucker Up Remix

Pucker Up Remix

Pucker Up Remix (2012)


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Dr. Mike said...

Hot Voodoo

Elect Sigmund Freud
To the Vatican Rag, He’s
A nice Jewish boy!

Cardinals refuse
The Catholic Workers who
Choose Dorothy Day.

Third World nominees
From Haiti stick pins into
Molotov cocktails.

Black smoke rises when priests
Have second thoughts and set fire
To the Michelin Man.

It’s Liberation
Theology the Pope most


White smoke signifies
White Fang has the Papal seat,
A pooka for God!

The Holy Ghost is
Hiding under children’s beds,
Curing whooping coughs.

[Disposable Haikus February 11. 2013]
Dr. Mike

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