Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blue Rose Remix

Blue Rose Remix

Blue Rose Remix (2013)



StephanieV said...

Wow. That's incredible. You know there's a group children's writer's blog called The Blue Rose Girls.

Dr. Mike said...

Easter 2013

No matter what is said, we worship science.
In this age of cause and effect, hard knocks
Certify that walls are real, and no fragrance
From wishful thinking reverses hemlocks.

Though saxifrage cracks cement like eggshells,
No one flower is like any other,
Nor animal, whose coffins are seashells
Collected as proof of what they’ve suffered.

Unique upon this spinning rock, we stare
At burning planets around the sun.
We need to recognize just who we are,
That once and for all is for everyone.

Not to see the newness of things is blind
Indifference to every new kind.

[Disposable Sonnet March 31, 2013]
Dr. Mike

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