Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cherabim Gang Remix

Cherabim Gang Remix

Cherabim Gang Remix (2012)



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Dr. Mike said...


Did thunder come before lightning, or was
William James’ vastation more accurate?

In the old days, they spoke of the holy ghost
As evanescence of light at the moment of death.

Winds were believed to be gusts from wings
Of righteous angels come to judge and punish.

In this family everyone observed each other,
Took notes, and debated moral issues of the day.

The mystical was governed by pragmatic cause
And effect; the mind was brought under control.

Marriages were contracts; passion was for the lower
Classes, powerless to live above forces of history.

Alice, startled, rose from her bed screaming,
And unspeakable profanities filled her diaries.

The choices were clear: you were either rational,
Or an invalid persecuted by ghosts of dead siblings.

Then, of course, came macular degeneration,
And the inability to control bowl movements.

The body proved more powerful than the will,
As Henry observed, the feminine devoured the male.

[Disposable Poem Friday 13 December]
Dr. Mike

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