Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Empire Blisses Out

The Empire Blisses Out

The Empire Blisses Out (2000)

Unless you're hermetically sealed away in a BioDome, there's no escaping that Star Wars rules pop culture this weekend. So, going with The Force's inevitable flow, I'll post related images today and tomorrow.

From a poem by Crispin Thomas on Football Poets:

now in the day-to-day world -- you might act so placid
but put on the black -- you're darth vader on acid --

From JDM ST205:

Darth Vader on acid lives under my bonnet. And the force is with him.
Shout at the Level is a remarkable work of indie art and, like Darth Vader on acid; it could leave the listener short of breath and in need of thorazine.
The exhaust sets off car alarms in multi-stories, and the induction kit sounds like Darth Vader on acid....

From the BBC -- Get Writing:

Which begs the question, what kind of Father goes out on a motorbike looking like Darth Vader on acid...

And from Pentax-Discuss:

EEK! Darth Vader on acid ... that sounds like a really bad trip. I wonder what hallucinogens do to The Force.

But, Luke, you don't know the grooviness of the Dark Side...

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