Saturday, May 07, 2005

Photograph of a Unicorn Taken by My Mother

Photograph of a Unicorn Taken by My Mother

Photograph of a Unicorn Taken by My Mother (2001)

Today and tomorrow feature images celebrating Mother's Day.

There's a long running joke in my family about my mother's abilities as a photographer. Every photo she snaps seems to either sever heads just out of the top of the frame -- turning us into the Robespierre Family -- or, more likely, manages to capture only the crowns of everyone's heads, so each shot looks like a Rogaine commercial.

There are some advantages, I suppose. There's never a red eye problem to digitally fix -- and the folks at One Hour Photo never confuse our pictures with those of another family.

The in-joke eventually became so prevalent that we began to pose with our shirts pulled up in mocking self-decapitation, as if such a pre-emptive gesture could conjure up a hex to ward off the camera guillotine. Or, perhaps, as seen below, my brother and I were just resigned to the inevitable:

The Robespierre Family

We used to tease her that if she ever stumbled upon something mythical with her camera, like a unicorn or Bigfoot, she'd only manage to capture their scalps on film, and the legendary creatures would still be safe from hunters and the tabloids.

This one's for you, Mom...


Anonymous said...

rolling on floor laughing.....ohhhhhh Terry u crack me up. Thought my secret was safe .....but nooooooooo now the whole world knows...... but I love you in spite of it all You made my Mother's Day...just as u did as a kid..You are something else lol lol hehehhe haaaaa your one and only MOM

Anonymous said...

Mom is in good company. My dad was the King of the Fuzzy Polaroids!


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