Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cut Down on the Anime

Cut Down on the Anime

Cut Down on the Anime (2002)

From unsanity.org:

I've got a seriously bad "anime addiction ". So much so that I've completely run out of room to store my DVDs. I'm just piling the DVDs on top of each other in any free corner I have. I'm running out of corners.

From Blood -- Thirsty -- CHILD:

I'm sure you don't wanna hear about my anime addiction. SO, my life...are you sure you don't want to listen to my anime addiction-ness?

From AnimeSuki forum -- "I Think I'm Too Addicted to Anime":

Lord Raiden: Ugh, just got done closing out a whole bunch of series lately to try to get my wopping [sic] 25 series I was following down to a more manageable 8-10 if I could. I managed to get it down to 17. I actually dropped 3 and closed out 9 other series (aka they just recently ended) and added back 5 new ones, then I just added Chrno Crusade tonight as yet ANOTHER new one. Gah.

Fronzel: Watch something else for a while as a change of pace. Or read something. That isn't manga. Read a non-Japanese comic, or a novel.

u&t: Mr Raiden: Stop hanging out at forums like this one. I'm sure you would be able to pick up a few more shows and still have time over if you just stopped all internet related activities apart from downloading anime (just don't forget to write your mom once in a while). Look forward too [sic] not seeing you post here ever again.

From Anime Central Convention Forums -- a post by Carnage_Black2::

-You know your an Anime Addict when...

=Pawn/sell your old games to buy anime. (I did it just a week ago.)
=Rob your older sister's piggy bank for money. (I never did this.)
=Scrounge for loose change on the ground for that one DVD.(Haven't we all.)
=Only ask for Anime for gifts. (Guilty.)
=Rob a bank. (If only...)
=Bug a friend continuously for his copy of an OAV.

Otaku Overload?

Where's my Perfect Edition LD box of Macross: Do You Remember Love?!?

From vex's progress -- "Spend less time on the net and more time actually working":

Yep, I'm also cutting down on Bloglines (ab)use. I'm listing here the feeds I'm unsubscribing from, so I can find them again later (muuuch later) or in case anyone's interested.

Well, that should also help cut down on my anime & manga addiction. :/

From Anime-Love Interactive -- a post by tena73:

Since getting married I have cut down on the anime and other things I buy ... priorities tend to change. We are now trying to save money to buy a house.

Too Cute for Comfort?

Now I Lay Me Down to Mecha

And, finally, from Nekobox:

HA! You suck. You can't e-file cause you are so sucking. Go suck and kill trees and paper!" I swear, can never e-file. Gotta cut down on the anime and the torrents and teh pr0n. My computer fan is farting. Time for another cleaning. Die dust bunnies!

To riff on Groucho Marx's famous cigar double entendre ad lib: Dudes, I like my anime DVDs, but I take them out of the slot once in a while.

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