Friday, January 13, 2006

Blog Problems

My blog does not seem to want to cooperate for the last several days. I'm having some display problems and was unable to post with images yesterday.

I have no idea what is wrong or why.

I've written Blogger to see if they can help me correct the problems.

I hope to be back to business as usual by tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Tim said...

It's Big Brother, they're on to you. I don't think that joke about the robots screwing in a lightbulb went over with them too well.

cruelanimal said...

To: "Tim"
From: Big Brother
Re: Consorting with a Defeatist

Thank you for your comment on this blog formerly run by an enemy of the state but now under strict goverment control. Mr. "Animal," who formerly hosted this site, is now in a safe, undisclosed location where robots are hard at work screwing in his light bulbs -- metaphorically speaking.

Your contact with this site has been duly noted and placed you on our extraordinary rendition like "no surf" list, and your future web activities will be data-mined with extreme prejudice.

We strongly suggest you immediately apply for U.S. citizenship. Only then can we place you under an elevated level of our illegal and unconstitutional domestic surveillance.

Remember -- War Is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. Thank you.

P.S. A shout-out to the boys over at Big Dick Kahuna Cheney's Tiki Torture Hut.

OORANOS said...

Have a good time

Blogenfreude said...

Could be worse ... you could have Typepad.

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