Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Unreachable (1999)

Blog with a View, at heart, is a digital art photoblog. Each Wednesday, I present an image without the culture of comment corruption.

I'm sorry for the lack of recent posts. I've been working overtime and feeling a little under the weather. As always, I blog as time and health allow.

Tomorrow, I'll probably start posting a related series of images.


Anonymous said...


Tangerine no longer dazzles
Butterflies in the Himalayas.

Splash goes the whiplash
Making the golden toad extinct.

Burnished by grass fires,
The bread basket's parched.

Peaches remain pits;
Grapefruits shrink to grapes.

What doesn't wither on the vine
Burns off high-tension wires.

Reservoirs evaporate
Salt from the tail.

Dr. Mike

thelily said...

It's a face. Chillingly vacant. It reminds me of a man I used to know and never should have. So...

You are only words.

I am your failed incantation,
a conjuring
of hot red heart.

And all your spun sex,
and all your delicate intonings
or fester,
but do not cling to me.

Move on.
Let the smoke of you scatter
let love-hunger disperse.

Keep nothing.


cruelanimal said...

Thank you both for sharing such wonderful poems.

enigma4ever said...

I just read and looked at your new one- and this one is so beautiful...and I needed some spring- Cleveland sucks right now- grey dishrag weather...ugh...Anony write a nice poem...really....
and the one below too..see you are inspiring poets...

Love your stuff, I come here and lurk-jus like a true Gallery Groupie....

new rude post up over at the Enigma cafe at ,

you are always welcome....

cruelanimal said...


Thanks. Always nice to see and hear from you.

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