Friday, January 06, 2006

What They Say About You

What They Say About You

What They Say About You (2004)

They may have much to say about you, but I have little to say for the moment. Suffering from another flurry of dizzy spells that recur every few months and knock my brain and body out of action for a few days. After sleep and rest, I'll be back probably by Sunday.

In the interim, enjoy today's image and rumble around in the many fine sites and blogs just to your right.

Meanwhile, and it pains me to say this, I look forward to entering the No Spin Zone.


Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker said...

I see vaginas, which leads me to suspect that this piece was commissioned by the National Endowment for the Arts (or as I like to call them, Satan.)

Keep up the good work.

thelily said...

Rex made me laugh. The title, of course, is brilliant, and I'm writing seven simultaneous poems in my head even now. I'm sorry you're feeling awful. I'm sending several gin-induced positrons your way (I have plenty to spare just now) and I hope you feel better tomorrow. It's my birthday and I've decided only fractal art can save me.

Seriously, that's a cherry piece and a perfect title.


idyllopus said...

Sorry to hear you're under par and hope you're feeling better soon.

Have been the past week dipping into your website. A lot yet for me to rummage through. Sat Marty down (who never reads blogs) and took him on a tour of your fractals.

cruelanimal said...

Rex: Yes, I told the NEA on my application that I bathed in the blood of virgins and watched SpongeBob non-stop while making my art. I was a shoo in.

M: Hope you had the happiest of birthdays. Also hope those seven poems came out just fine. That's one for every deadly sin.

Idyllopus: Hope Marty enjoyed the web site tour. I know there's a lot to digest. I'm not happy with all of what's there. My garden could use pruning. Still, I let it grow thick and wild to remind myself where I once lived and what I once thought and made.

Neil Shakespeare said...

This is very pretty. Your work reminds me of Gino Severini at times, that mosaic quality. Nicely done.

cruelanimal said...

NS: I can see the Severini connection. Some of his futurist work strikes me as being very fractal.

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