Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bunting Nest

Bunting Nest

Bunting Nest (2006)

Something new from playing around this weekend...


Cool Facts about the Indigo Bunting from All About Birds at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

  • The Indigo Bunting migrates at night, using the stars for guidance. It learns its orientation to the night sky from its experience as a young bird observing the stars.

  • Experienced adult Indigo Buntings can return to their previous breeding sites when held captive during the winter and released far from their normal wintering area.

  • The sequences of notes in Indigo Bunting songs are unique to local neighborhoods. Males a few hundred meters apart generally have different songs. Males on neighboring territories often have the same or nearly identical songs.

  • Indigo and Lazuli buntings defend territories against each other in the western Great Plains where they occur together, share songs, and sometimes interbreed.

If you'd like, you can look at today's image and listen to the songs of the Indigo Bunting on a new page.


Back to political blogging tomorrow. Have I missed anything?

Maybe I can't say nuclear, but...

Whew. There's a few million phone calls that won't need trollin' no more...


Anonymous said...

The House refuses any guest worker program, any path to citizenship, because the House knows these immigrants don't want to be good citizens. Besides, after we secure the border, how do we "document" illegal immigrants? Enough of this chaos and liberal tolerance of immorality! Goebbels had it right: what we need is a leader tall, healthy, and vibrant enough to nationalize all corporations and shake this corrupt republic to its foundations.

Anonymous said...

The wobblewart winnows off warm pork bellies and breath mints. Its indistinctive yellow and orange plumage camouflages the burning fever of lightning bugs that infest its blotty droppings. Clandestine as iceburgs in the tropics, its razor-sharp shriek could snap power lines into ungainly toothpicks, warping internet connections even at the cost of its own burbly life. Frolicksome as cross-eyed staves behind a pair of thick, green slunglasses, it can dissolve the most quarrelsome colloquies of distempered fowls into bathotic bales of laughter, thanks to its irrational use of adjectives during scholarly disputations. Many a theoretical subcommittee has crumpled into raucous guffaws at plenary conferences when its ridiculous nonsequiturs are read out loud.

cruelanimal said...

I continue to enjoy your prose poem excursions. They remind me a little of stream-of-consciousness spam text blocks -- only much more deliberate and pointed, as well as language-based and irony-laced.

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