Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spring and All

Spring and All

Spring and All (2003)

Blog with a View, at heart, is a digital art photoblog. Each Wednesday, I present an image without annotation -- an image I decide to post because I'm the decider and I get to decide what image goes when and where. So there.

P. S. -- with apologies to William Carlos Williams.


Tim said...

Nice one. I especially like the dancing sun shape and all the dark, orangey critters coming out from hibernation. Very "euro" and stylish. It reminds me of Miro(?) or some artist like that.

A couple more like this and I just might upgrade your link on my blog from "2nd Greatest" to "Equally Good Fractal blog."

blue girl said...

Great decidin' job today!

Very cool.

pissed off patricia said...

As with all art, I will either like it or I won't. Sort of a "decider" myself. And on this one my inner decider tells me that I like it!

cruelanimal said...

Thanks, everyone. You're all deciders in my cyberspace.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Neat. Ah I might have to do 'The Great Decider', 'Decisioner'.

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