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Fluxion (1999)

Umm, what the flux...?


Fluxion \Flux"ion\, n. [Cf. F. fluxion.]

1. The act of flowing. --Cotgrave.

2. The matter that flows. --Wiseman.

3. Fusion; the running of metals into a fluid state.

4. (Med.) An unnatural or excessive flow of blood or fluid toward any organ; a determination.

5. A constantly varying indication.

Less to be counted than the fluxions of sun dials. --De Quincey.

6. (Math.)

(a) The infinitely small increase or decrease of a variable or flowing quantity in a certain infinitely small and constant period of time; the rate of variation of a fluent; an incerement; a differential.

(b) pl. A method of analysis developed by Newton, and based on the conception of all magnitudes as generated by motion, and involving in their changes the notion of velocity or rate of change. Its results are the same as those of the differential and integral calculus, from which it differs little except in notation and logical method.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913).

I hope that clears things up. If not, this excerpt from the Grand UniVerse Discussion Group should clarify everything:

As it turns out, there is a condition, spaceless, sizeless and instantaneous, capable of generating space-time, energy and matter, capable of creating and containing the universe, described herein as a Fluxion Wholeness. Though it is the foundation of the Calculus, it has been described by Mathematicians and Theologians as well as a curiosity. Though it has been in plain view at least since the time of Newton and Leibniz and perhaps for many thousands of years prior, little realization of its true nature, of what it ultimately represents has been achieved.

Because the concept of "nothingness" has been so powerful in the minds of Humans and because Mathematicians are grounded in the art of math, Theologians and Philosophers in the art of subjectivity and Scientists in the art of objectivity, each dedicated to their own separate fields of endeavor, they have failed to collectively evoke the unified concept of this mathematical "curiosity" as representative of the actual foundation of universal existence. Hence, as we have only perceived the Fluxion as a curiosity, we have allowed the mistaken concept of "nothingness" to take precedent, while the actual mechanism of creation lies just below our threshold of recognition.

Recently, a few bright minds have come out and said that "nothingness" is not what we thought it was, that it had functions capable of generating the universe and thus it is not actually "nothing" -- and such a statement is a breakthrough because it allows for a functional pre-space-time condition to exist.

Better? Or...slightly below your threshold of recognition?

Yes, just another in yr. blogger's ongoing series of posts about nothingness.

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