Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chernobyl Pears

Chernobyl Pears

Chernobyl Pears (1998)

Blog with a View, at heart, is a digital art photoblog. Each Wednesday, I present an image without being a world leader on the international stage who both talks about pigs and acts like one.


Lisa Mongno said...

This is a Chernobyl-Pearless but political poem, written by Lisa Mongno.

The Condiment Candidate

Inflated Patriot,
your insincerity festers
on our National Corpse.
Your delivery ecclesiastical
your eyes sentimental
as you look to past glory.
I knew then
as I watched that stolen Kennedy grin,
smarmy headtilt,
borrowed bourgeoise vocabulary
as you "reported for duty"
that you wouldn't win
(the presidency).

This month's wine club newsletter arrives
with your smile legitimizing Zinfandel.

"Goes great with Ketchup!" you declare.
And I am left
with a Budweiser drinker from Texas.

enigma4ever said... was a fine week for President Fucktard....pig tales and table manners...please just let me crawl away to vomit....

And about the Hot Pears...Lisa spoke too eloquently for me to do anything other than applaud both of you...I am now standing and clapping [[[[ ]]]]

cruelanimal said...

Hi, Lisa. Nice to see you. And thanks for sharing the on-target poem. Always a pleasure to read your work.

And E4Ever. "Pig Tales and Table Manners." I like that. Be a great name for a blog.

Neil Shakespeare said...

chernobyl pears? wow, what a lovely band name that would be.

enigma4ever said...

Pig Tales and Table are right..great name for a blog...Very an Animal Farm kind of way...once again you are so wise.

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