Thursday, July 27, 2006

Persian Market

Persian Market

Persian Market (2000)

Today's image is the Before picture.

And here's an After picture:

We're turning...

And another:

...turning the corner...



And another:

...and turning...

And still another: the widening gyre...

[All photographs were seen on Cursor -- "When Precision Bombing Really Isn't" by Marc W. Herold]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


She has a tape measure and ruler
to see what furniture will fit
in the two rooms where she will live
for her final days -- if they accept her.

She cannot find her mortgage bill
or her stock investment statements
that are required on the application form
and she needs to clean the house
before any realtor can visit.

All the art she has accumulated,
the tables, silver,and crystal
inherited from her own mother,
she now must choose to keep or sell,
but arguments among her children
make her so ill that she sinks
deep into the couch
and will not eat anything for dinner.

Dr. Mike

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