Monday, July 24, 2006

Poker with the Curies

Poker with the Curies

Poker with the Curies (2004)

I call. He folds
but she smoothes her apron
and fingers the test tube
brimming with isotopes in
her pocket. She smiles. I like
the pretty blue-green light
she says. I nod breathing
with lungs of lead inside my safe
and boots. Your play, Madame
I say with stacked deck confidence
knowing she wears nothing up her
sleeves but chemical burns. She has
no chips either having donated both
to the war effort so she bluffs
--standing in her bare shed
--seeing what no one else can see.


Neil Shakespeare said...

"Poker with the Curies". Cool. High stakes, too! But say, can't we have "Party Poker with the Pasteurs" instead?

Anonymous said...


Religious artists painted over real skulls
and put them inside cubicles
with shells from the Dead Seas
within each of the eye sockets.

In controlled experiments,
college students forced to read
texts about death gave higher doses
of hot sauce to their political opponents.

Sun-worshippers engaged in mass
human sacrifice, whereas the Summerians
represented heaven with flutes
until the invasion of the Romans.

Someone stole Einstein's brain
from the glass jar, but nobody
disinterred Darwin or Freud,
or embaulmed Audobon for the aviary.

Dr. Mike

cruelanimal said...

Neil: But wouldn't "Party Poker with the Pasteurs" be too milquetoast?

Dr. Mike: Nice. One of your best.

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