Friday, July 14, 2006

Still Better Than Staying Home

Still Better Than Staying Home

Still Better Than Staying Home (2006)

Your clanking prom
date with a robot seems
forged. Decoys. Oil decks
break out in the backyard
like a slick carnival

or sly product placement.
A gearbox of culture
will spread like kudzu covering
car parts and jello molds.
No greasy parking pets.

No metal kiss at garage doors.
Your robot's bolts are buffed
to high gloss as his pinchers snap,
click like handcuffs over
your chubby wrists.


Something new. The image was mashed up in Fractal Zplot and then beat to a pulp and reconstituted in Photoshop. The poem is from my notebook. It was originally written in response to a painting: The Garage Door (2000) by Douglas Bourgeois.


Anonymous said...

Robots are really HOT these days!

Neil Shakespeare said...

"Fractal Zplots"? Hmmm. Sounds like the same program Bush uses to run his brain...

cruelanimal said...

Robots are hot. And Bush's brain is definitely recursive. There do seem to be visible patterns of self-similarity in his

We're turning the corner WHIRRR BEEEEP turning the corner SCREEE CLAAANK turning the...

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