Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Walkman for Narcissus

Walkman for Narcissus

Walkman for Narcissus (2002)

Blog with a View, at heart, is a digital art photoblog. Each Wednesday, I present an image without inheriting a $284 billion surplus and running up a projected $296 billion deficit (4th largest of all time) for 2006 and subsequently claiming this "accomplishment" vindicates my economic policies.


idyllopus said...

That is funny. I like the crispiness in the middle.

Anonymous said...

interesting artwork. i'll be back in the future to see some more pictures.

cruelanimal said...

Thank you both for your warm remarks.

Readers unfamilar will Juli's (Idyllopus') art work (like this wonderful piece) will enjoy visiting her blog.

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