Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yarn Addicts

Yarn Addicts

Yarn Addicts (2006)

Ain't no junk, ain't no string...
--Dire Straits, "In the Gallery"

Something new I just unraveled. Feel free to download and stash hoard it.

Yarn Addicts. They're everywhere. Like Yarn Addicts Anonymous. Or another closely knit group called Yarn Addicts Anonymous. Or the less covert Yarnaholics Unanonymous. Or the Yarn Addicts Unite webring. Or the related disorder: Fiber Addict. And let's be sure not leave out Men Who Knit either. Or the Yarn Harlot.

And knitters can also fight the power. Remember when protesters gently placed flowers in the rifle barrels of guardsmen? Well, now...

Hey.  I'll take cuddle over camo anyday...

All we are saying knitting is...

[Photo seen on Make which depicts "a knitted, pink tank from the Danish Army...Part of an art exhibition and created by Marianne Joergensen plus appr 1000 volunteers (knitters) from around the world who knitted the squares 15*15 cm which MJ then stitched onto the tank."]


Vacation was restful...but it's good to be back. I wasn't completely idle. I read Eric Boehlert's Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush. I also watched Eugene Jareki's Why We Fight. Both are excellent -- well documented and very insightful.

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thelily said...

Yeah, I'm a yarn addict. It's part of the Women Who Must Make Things requirement. Sometimes poems, sometimes sweaters.

Glad you're back and that you had a restful break. I'd like to interrupt it by inviting you to do your thing at the Writing Project Wednesday morning...if you're so inclined.


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