Monday, September 18, 2006

Anticipating Autumn

Anticipating Autumn

Anticipating Autumn (1999)

A melancholy mood settles like dreary morning fog. Summer's gone. Winter's pumped.

And where's the harvest? Debates in Congress and discussions in the media over whether the United States should honor the provisions of the Geneva Convention.

The fields are fallow. The farmers are insane.

I want the land that I love back -- green and fertile.



Here's Paul Krugman going to motive:

So why is the Bush administration so determined to torture people?

To show that it can.

The central drive of the Bush administration -- more fundamental than any particular policy -- has been the effort to eliminate all limits on the president’s power. Torture, I believe, appeals to the president and the vice president precisely because it’s a violation of both law and tradition. By making an illegal and immoral practice a key element of U.S. policy, they’re asserting their right to do whatever they claim is necessary.

1 comment:

enigma4ever said...

Paul is great isn't he? really says it- he was also on Steven Colbert this week...

I can't believe that I live somewhere where the "leaders" are discussing the BEST Torture Practices..
shit why don't they just appoint a Torture Czar...
( or is it Rummy?)

We live in Limbo now- HOW LOW will they Go?

Or is they want us focusing on Torture so we won't talk about Iraq?

BTW I love this picture...Bring on fall....

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