Thursday, September 07, 2006

Inner Children of the Corn

Inner Children of the Corn

Inner Children of the Corn (2002)

Somewhere in Nebraska, "He Who Walks Behind the Pop Psychology" murders Dr. Phil.

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Anonymous said...

Inner Child

Everything here was purchased
for someone else or a gift
from someone who always
wanted to see it on display
when visiting. Everything
was a bargain from a garage sale,
proud of the expense.

Toilet paper is stacked up
for cold winter days when
snowed in. Drawings from
grandchildren are scotch-taped
to the refrigerator that houses
all those cookies and double
chocolate chip ice cream.

Last year's Easter baskets
line the front of the fireplace
and subscriptions pile up
on the glass coffee table
where the perennial from
the hospital stubbornly
struggles to survive.

[Disposable Poem September 8, 2006]

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