Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Texas Fractal Massacre

The Texas Fractal Massacre

The Texas Fractal Massacre (1999)

"You have one choice, boy: sex or the fractal. Sex is, well, nobody knows. But the fractal, the fractal is family."


Anonymous said...

The Aerodynamics of the Devil

Peppered by the scent of sulfur
beneath diplomatic suit and tie,
his forked tongue and swerving pincers
shear through the Rights of Man
at a force that can be computed
as velocity over snarling rage
multiplied by the rape of nations.

Preening with smug contempt,
he runs through his doctored text,
cataloguing a list of grievances,
offering faint praise for civilization
before he bestows eternal damnation,
cackling with adolescent glee afterwards,
blind to his own self-congratulation

One bully feared by all the others
hoarding his lock on economic hegemony,
Big Bwana among the puny natives
has all the nukes he needs to keep
noxious polar bears from breeding
or any other country from catching up
to his own plunder of global resources.

[Disposable Poem September 22, 2006]

Anonymous said...


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