Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Unattainable (1999)

An impossible self help question
will wait
check out
be home

unless you are a fan

of stupid networks. One of the tightest
going nuclear photographs cuts

waste and overlooks ad agency
ethics. To understand more

toast the Broadway stage with
handgun exits, silent designs

before clicking to play
shut the books
cool detachment
self protection

when the Coca Cola intelligentsia

stumble in household income
and brain drain your

favorite photos. Who is
that artist in the break room mirror

found in prison? I have a prop
like yours: a picture with problems.


This is a "Google poem" -- a found poem pieced together from syntax snatches uncovered in Google search results of the word unattainable.

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Anonymous said...

Dying Texarkana Pigeons

Strewn across streets
there in Texarkana where
bankers duck and cover
from pigeon shit deposits,
two dozen convulse
in front of CapitalOne
ruining the Quadrangle
Festival parade.

Carrier pigeons hustle
secret bids back and forth
among foreign stock
exchanges while capuchines
preen from their regal
coifs showing some leg
for the cameras.

Archangel pigeons
shuck and coo from turrets
as bodies of damascenes
daily are unearthed
with no blue almond
homers to recite their exploits
beneath droppings from
the marble head that winks.

O who has poisoned
these magpies and nun
pigeons in the name
of cleanliness and commerce?

[Disposable Poem September 14, 2006]

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