Friday, January 26, 2007

Aquarium Prison

Aquarium Prison

Aquarium Prison (2006)

Stock photography and
retail lighting suggest ways for sharks
to swing
out of the fishtank. She
reportedly likes clogged filters
and demolition. The attack went on and on
without Arthur. Showing her frying pans
near Lake Superior
successfully balances brutality with phenomenal
reality. Give science a boost. Take
financial failure like a jellyfish. A long stretch
of gravel blows.
Cue sharp writing and great prices.
Deflation with
the help of new friends de-
lights aquatic inmates. Is irony
lost on security
I'm wondering?
An underwater television is playing
inside my skull.

Detail of: Aquarium Prison

Lower left corner detail of Aquarium Prison


A found poem caught and skinned from phrase strings netted from a Google search of "aquarium prison."


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Guido Cavalcante said...


I really like your way of using colors. The plaster quality of your work is remarkable in the sense that colors are bringing a vibration wich I like to call "corpuscular" - on a plight that our vision is dominated by a kind of distance between us and the world we survey. The way you found is very personal since the time becames an associated component to vision - we know that things can´t be frozen in time, unless if the idea of "painting" is to represent events that lasts for few seconds. That is preciselly the idea your work is given to me - the capture of the time.

cruelanimal said...

Hi Guido. It's always a pleasure to hear what's on (and in) your mind.

I really like the idea of "corpuscular." The root of the word implies both corpse and body. Without art, our vision is deadened. To freeze (or "pause" like a film still) moments with art allows one to truly see what otherwise goes routinely unobserved. Not only is time captured, but time is also taken -- to examine each moment in carefully studied detail.

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