Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hordes of Photoshop Jockeys

Hordes of Photoshop Jockeys

Hordes of Photoshop Jockeys (2000)

This one is kind of an in-joke.

Back when I used to post my images on Usenet on, there occasionally would be some lively (read: flame-filled) discussions. One night, a thread got hot and heavy on the subject of post-processing -- meaning, at least in this particular discussion, the further manipulation of fractal images by exporting them into Photoshop or other graphics programs. One writer, who obviously preferred his fractals to be unaltered (pure as the driven pixel?), complained that if post-processing became acceptable the fractal art world would soon be overrun with "hordes of Photoshop jockeys."

As someone who post-processes with wild abandon, that phrase tickled me. So, naturally, I felt the need to make this image for him and share it.

Strange. I never heard back from him.


I'm going to make the switch over to the "new" Blogger tomorrow. Wish me luck. If the blog is funky for a few days, bear with me. Hopefully, the transition will not be too traumatic.


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