Thursday, January 25, 2007

Too Curious Ray

Too Curious Ray

Too Curious Ray (1999)

Just don't use the daily panel.
Throw up mail paper and gross features
like a Christian controversy
or a Sony logo.
Your actual cargo vessel?
Glacial police telegrams where restarting
hard code and phototonic drives
does not help hypocrites.
You've gotten Microsoft.
The Fall will be noisy.


A found poem sifted and panned out of phrase strings from a Google search of "too curious ray."


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too Curious Ray

Is it a sting ray
Or is it a Man Ray

Who can tell
It's a Ray-O-Gram

Contact sheets
Natural light stains

With hemoglobin
On Valentine's Day

Is it a violoncello
Or it is a naked woman

Waiting to be fingered
Along the staves

Red dye floods
Arteries of love

[Disposable Poem January 25, 2007]

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