Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kyoko's Gardens

Kyoko's Garden

Kyoko's Garden (2000)

Kyoko's Other Garden

Kyoko's Other Garden (2001)

Today's images were based on remembering the friend of a friend's small gardens squeezed before the front windows of her tiny New Orleans apartment.

Kyoko described them as "my garden" and "my other garden."

And now they are my gardens, too...


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Dr. Mike said...


Walnuts are walleyed church staves, crunching epistolary leapers, wallowing
amongst the eaves and between winnows, sheaves thinly veiled that, peeled
back, reveal luminous tissue, although aged rivulets of wrinkles have
hardened against revelation. Smacked, cracked open, burnished marrow flares
from within these shells that have heard so much, all they may now recall
are echoes of nourishment, warmed by the hearth, marvels of meditation
immediately mediated and resuscitated between molars as odes to ovation and

How wholesome is this ode to health foods, cow curd and tofu, only exotic
teas are missing, purgatives for the kidneys and medulla before the brain
stem exposes nervous laughter as a ricochet from some stray bullet, now
laminated in gold and hung like a pendant between the breasts, chewy as a
tootsie roll and meant to be gnawed upon when in unbearable pain, as in
childbirth, as in the resurrection of the Easter Bunny, as in whiplash from
a twenty-car pile-up on I-40 where, frazzled, clothes ripped, bruised and
limping, out goes the thumb in the hopes of hitching a ride out of here,
anywhere but here.

[Disposable Prose Poem April 17, 2007]

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